Our Story


 My name is Charlene. As a little girl I spent most of my free time playing with flowers and creating arts and craft. I enjoy coming up with a vision and would not stop until I accomplished it. This drove my family crazy with all my scrap books, color pencils and paint all over the house. 

Then life happens and like most people, I ignored my passion for creating and pursued a different career path. I became a registered nurse who specialized in Geriatrics. I truly enjoy taking care of people especially the elderly. I did it for a few years. My desire to create continued to tug at my heart and I could no longer ignore it when I got engaged. Call me crazy but I decided that I wanted to create everything for my wedding including the decorations right down to the party favors. 

I wanted wedding favors for our guest that was unique, fun and would create a lifetime memory. My soap making journey began there. Upon more and more research I realize that most of the soaps on the market are actually detergents and contained chemicals that strip the skin of it's moisture. I was determined to create a safe, fun and beautiful option. 

Charlene New York was born out of the idea that great beauty products can be natural and healthy without compromise. The quality of our products are of utmost importance to us, therefore we source the finest carrier oils and other natural products from all around the world. We take pride in knowing that our dedicated customers can safely enjoy the Charlene New York line. Each handcrafted product is Paraben free, chemical Free, Petroleum free and most of all Detergent free!  

All of our products are natural and are manufactured in small batches. 

This is my story and my labour of Love.